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Let’s Make 2014 A Prosperous New Year!

2013 was a really tough year and we would like to commend all deserving staff – namely you, the overworked, underpaid local authority and school workers. We finally broke the three year pay freeze but only just with a 1% pay rise that hasn’t kept pace with the escalating cost of living.

This year our pay claim for 2014 is for an increase of £1 and hour. This is no less that you deserve.

GMB and other trade unions are campaigning hard with national employers, politicians and with councils to make them realise that they can no longer get away with appallingly low rates of pay. We need everyone to take part . Don’t put up with low pay – be angry about it and make your anger known.

GMB would be delighted to help you organise meetings and come and talk with you, just get in touch using the contact details below.

02089714255 –

Posted: 6th January 2014

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